Help ID a 2 needle pine? Pinus Unknowacus

Hey everyone, I am hoping you can help me ID this 2 needle pine i have as we come into spring and the candles are pushing. I am in the Seattle, WA area and about 6 years ago my daughter came home with a seedling in a dixie cup at the end of school, and we didn’t have any idea what type of pine tree it was. it initially grew up and all branches originate from the same whirl, so it never formed into a vertical tree, but we have decided to add it to the collection and who knows, maybe in 20 years my daughter can take it forward as a tree she planted in 1st grade. I am hoping the candles might help tell the story of what type of pine it is.

any thoughts?

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Its either a Ponderosa Pine or a Lodgepole Pine.
Here is a great tree identification guide by WSU.

I would say that this is not a Ponderosa.

I would like to see a close up of the bark.

After watching the pinching to design stream from last year, I took the leap and have leaned towards a Shore Pine based on the closeups of the candles on that. They were very similar looking to mine, and the needles seemed to be almost identical. I am not totally ruling out Lodgepole, but for now it is a short needle single flush pine on the workbench and i will proceed that way and see how it goes. thanks @MtBakerBonsai and @Jeramiah !

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