Pinus nigra - "long-needle" or "short"?

Much of Ryan’s advice on pines is based on whether the species is long- or short-needle, and single-flush or multi-flush. Does anyone know what Austrian pine, Pinus nigra, is considered to be? It’s a single-flush, but its needles seem to be sort of, well, “medium”. So do I treat it like a ponderosa, or like a Scots?

(Sometimes after 30 years one still has beginner-level questions. Never be afraid to ask them.)


I was just watching a pine video (I think one of the more recent ones) and I believe Ryan said it’s a long needle pine.


Definitely a long needle :slightly_smiling_face:


I asked this on a recent Q&A and he said it’s a blend of a bunch of stuff. I have to rewath and take notes but it’s this most recently posted Q&A. #19

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On a related note - I am confused by some common names.
Do the names ‘Austrian Black Pine’, ‘Austrian Mountain Pine’ & ‘Austrian Pine’ all refer to Pinus nigra?

They are “outlier pines.” Ryan has two videos on pinus nigra.