Please help, I'm lost on this website

I keep getting lost on this site. Is there a map? Looking specifically for the ‘gallery’(?) that gives info on specific species… I know it exists, but don’t know how to access it. Probably very simple, but I keep going around in frustrating circles. Please HELP. Thanks in advance.

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Look at the menu bar above and click on “gallery”. Once that loads look for the “education” link and click on “species care”.


Thank you, Roger, I found it at last! Such a useful index. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to include any Spruce species. I just bought a stock Blue Spruce, several feet tall. Was hoping to get some concise info on what they need and like. Love getting to know different species. I guess it’s back to the library; which is also great, just time consuming.
I will also give a search here in the forum for others’ experiences with Spruce.
Thanks again for the quick and accurate response!!

WOW! Well my thanks to both of you, I just found out something about the website I didn’t know was there! :grin:

If you go to the Library and filter for Species/Elongating Species/Alpine you will find a number of videos on spruce. If you view those you should find out pretty much everything you need to know.

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Will do, thanks!! Very helpful info to narrow down my search. Much appreciated!

Yeah, it’s such an awesome resource, but not so intuitive to navigate. Glad you’re BONSAI world has been expanded :wink::+1: