Zone 9A ‘Practice species’


I am very new to bonsai. Ive been reading and watching videos for about 2 weeks, then bought a few small trees from a local nursery a few days ago and joined Mirai today.

I have been watching the suggested beginner videos and in the Nursery Stock series with its idea of using a xmas tree as its easy to get, fairly cheap, and have a lot of potential without beating yourself up too much for failure.

I live in 9A and am hoping that there is an equivalent to the ‘Christmas Tree’ that will survive in my area.

My goals are to get experience with the basics - potting, pruning, watering, root care etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on species that may be a good fit?

I kinda think all of the ones sold at nursery stores as Christmas trees are good practice material for the price. I haven’t had a lot of success with Alberta spruce, but others have. I’ve done okay with Colorado blue spruce though.

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