Basic Wiki for each tree type?

Can we get a basic Wiki for each tree type. I would include things like what type of tree (spruce, juniper, pine, deciduous) (what type of that type of tree, single or multi flush pine, elongating, etc), Then for each type of tree - repotting - how(bare root or not?, pumice, or akadama, or regular soil or kanuma) and when(season, signs on tree that its time, after care), (best repot for each type of the tree type - bonsai, nursery stock, yamadori). best season for pruning, pinching, where and when the tree stores it’s energy for next season of growth. Best soil type. what ever other details would be basic knowledge type info.

I realize I’m not asking much. :stuck_out_tongue:



I second this! It is tricky because of the different climates, I think, but it could be broken down into climate categories. i.e. humid sub-tropical.

@marks - has a great resource for just this thing under the Species Guide tab. Inn fact the whole site is chock-full-o-info! But the Species Guide is awesome for giving a great overview of lots of different trees.


@Seth That is a good guide. Thanks for directing us there. It is certainly missing Ryan’s expertise and detail.

We need someone really good at parsing data from video’s or speeches to collet Ryan’s info and build the wiki.

The problem with preset formulas is that each specimen of any species is different and there would be so many caveats regarding the state of health, amount of foliage, expected weather post a planned operation, etc, that it is easier to learn the logic behind what to do when on what so that you can judge each tree individually. A guide like that would encourage mindless bonsai operators to the detriment of the trees.

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Very true. That would be the same caveats Ryan mentions in just about ever stream.