Season guide and the work it brings

Hi guys,
I am new in this field, about a year now.
I cannot find my arms and legs regarding doing what on each season …
would love to have a calendar with the seasons and the work it bring for each species
do you think we can create one on this thread ? or do you have a link for existing one.

thank you all !


Hey Atlas, have you looked at the season specific videos yet? Spring Fundamentals, Growth Perpetuation, etc. I’m with you experience-wise and find myself re-watching those quite a bit.


Hi Carl
Yes I did watched this videos, in general I understood that spring is for reppoting and furteliz
But I am sure this is not go for all trees

I guess I am looking for something more simple and structural at least for the beginning…

Hope someone will come with an answer


Here are some links to the information you requested.
These should provide you with some general guidance, however, I would warn you about blindly following a calendar just because it’s printed and says “Do this now.”
So many aspects of bonsai is about understanding the “what, why, and when” certain procedures can be done. This also means you should know YOUR trees, just because the calendar says to fertilize heavily in spring doesn’t mean you should. Maybe you want refinement and not obnoxious growth in the spring. In that case, mild fertilizing or even none at all until after spring. Even for instance, you have a JBP and you need it to grow. Your calendar might say “hold fertilizer, candle prune and select shoots in fall.” If you know your tree is weak or you want growth or anticipate repotting soon. It may be BETTER to build STRENGTH and GROW your tree without cutting candles and branches, as well as, fertilize and water appropriately. You have to listen to your trees and know what your goal is for tree X Y Z, regardless of the calendar. In any event, hope these links are helpful. Good luck with your bonsai!

Bonsai Empire Calendar

TNBS UK Calendar

Bonsai Care Basics


Strongly agree with @ndavila80 here. I can tell from my experience I started to understand “what, when, how, at what stage, with what tree” after a good year of watching all sorts of streams here as well as getting to know my trees just now (and most of them I have 5-7 years!)
Also agree that all “… fundamentals” streams are very helpful and learn to answer the question “what am I trying to accomplish” :wink:
Hope you are eager to learn cos there is loads to understand but the feeling when you know you do it right plus the reward - priceless!
Good luck @Atlas :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much
I know that in order to care for my trees I need to understand them and this is what I am doing now ( at least trying to :wink: )
But don’t you agree that all of the operation that we need to perform need to be performed at a specific time frame so at first you need to know what are those time frame and then you need to consider all the right things you mentioned :clap:t2::+1:t3:

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Thank k you @CoffeeCherry
I am watching all the live stream and the amount of quality information is amazing

The @Mirai team are absolutely awesome to bring all this information and in a video format which I know take a lot of time and effort


I agree there are times in the year where conditions are better for certain types of work. That doesnt mean it can’t be performed outside of the “optimal time or season” for various reasons. @Carl @CoffeeCherry totally agree the videos are exceptional. Those videos have an abundance of sound horticultural information to help you understand how best to work with your bonsai. Use the calendar as a general guide, listen to your plants and apply what you learn.


Some people learn more efficiently through visual methods while others through audio, tactile and or reading. I for one would love to see more accessible reading material on Mirai. Yes, I own books, but I have come to really trust the level of consistent horticultural knowledge that I get from Mirai. We can always use the new search engine (which has been great) and the seasonal cues on the site. That being said, I have spent hours looking for something that was said, and I just cant seem to find it. I think if someone new has an Idea (like a calendar) that may be helpful to them, it should be looked into. That is part of how communities grow. Thank you for posting the links Nathan.


In the past, I’ve suggested an open-source, member maintained repository of organized notes. It would be a living document, constantly being edited and added to. Granted, it has its pros and cons like anything else, but I still think it’d be cool.


You said it best! Great stuff to know. Thank you.

I am including some calendars I picked up here and there however never forget the moto: “WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH?” :laughing:



National Society

(in french --> google translator can help :wink:)


Hello - thank you for posting the calendars in the beginners forum. I will examine them in detail ASAP.
The link to the TNBS UK Calendar is unavailable. Do you have a current link for that site?
Thank you

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TNBS UK Calendar I believe is no longer available. The web link changed and I don’t know where.

Is this the missing link?

I believe that is it, thanks for locating the proper web address.