Deciduous Cleaning for beginners video

I just watched the Deciduous Cleaning video and noticed afterward that the season of practice was listed as Mid-winter. Clearly, with Ryan and his apprentice wearing shorts and even mentioning summer, this was not practiced in winter. As a beginning bonsai practitioner, I am eager to do bonsai work, but have been confused at the timing. This is not the only feature-stream that is mis-marked as season of practice. Some streams and features season of practice seem to be in conjunction with the date that it was posted. This could be because the trees are being kept in the greenhouse and therefore; the work can be done, if not a little out of season. Mirai, could you please take a look at these possible inconsistency’s of timing as they may be important to the success of our beginners, i.e. me:)


Hey David! Thanks for bringing this up. I just spoke with Ryan, and he said that cleaning can be done anytime of year as it’s not as stressful to the tree as styling, and that now is a particularly good time to do it. Cleaning is more about removing dead branches/branches unnecessary to the tree’s health rather than styling, so feel free to go forth and clean.


Thanks Sam for looking into that. The question of timing has come up for me a couple of times though, and I’ll go back to see where it was that it concerned me before, i.e. re-potting, styling and so forth. Certainly not trying to tell anyone at Mirai that they are doing anything wrong, just thinking that maybe posting on the side bar the most ideal time for practice. Also, I have asked a couple of times on the Q&A about which is better, Re-pot, or, style first and have received satisfactory answers, but I would not have been able to figure those questions out had I been a tier 2 member. Examples are when I see a re pot video with the tree in a nursery stock pot and wire pre-existing on a tree, I think I should style first before re-potting. I probably just overthink and forget about the unknown nuances such as the mountain hemlock question from last week. Ryan advised that I wait until it warms up before I clean the hemlock. Going off the Coniferous cleaning video alone, I would have cleaned it last week when we were at 20 degress F. at night.

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I would like to add if the mirai team could post the zones best suited for the tree you are working on so us new beginners understand what trees are best suited for out zones.

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