Calendar Question: zone 9 timings seem off by one month

Hi all,

I’ve been using the app for a while now and I’m hoping people might be able to clarify some of the dates for a beginner like myself. Note, I’m based in Melbourne Australia, so southern hemisphere zone 9.

My question is that I’ve noticed a LOT of the activities in the calendar seem earlier than I’d expect them to be. Leaf drop pruning is marked as mid March to early April, which is early autumn here. When do leaves drop in the US? Here I’d not expect it until May in the last month of autumn, at least.

Likewise autumn fertilisation apparently starts during summer, with the second application due in the first week of autumn? I have already tried adjusting my zone, but unfortunately going up to zone 10 doesn’t seem to change the calendar in any way I could see.

I’d love some clarification from some more experienced users on why these timings are what they are. I’m certainly not the expert here but it does feel like the whole calendar is off by one month (almost exactly), at least for Melbourne.

Edit with another example for clarity: The app lists repotting between July 7th and August 4th. Looking at photos of my trees at bud swell from last year, they ALL started swelling in early to mid September, a full month later than the calendar suggests.

I believe that it’s just an indicator that can’t account for all the sub-climates I have asked for an edit ability that would allow us to slide the calendar times to fit what we know to be true. As students of Mirai it’s important to remember this is a tool meant to aid us, not something meant to make bonsai a mindless practice. Some of my timing are off too by at least 2 weeks and some of my trees act way different than others of the same species. @Leah maybe you can lend some words of wisdom.

I think this was addressed recently but I can’t remember where. On the podcast maybe. I think Ryan said the zones on the app were very difficult to do across the world. He said therefore it was only a guide and that you should adjust the zone until they match your timings.

Yeah definitely something to use as a rough guide, couldn’t agree more. I think because I’m a relative beginner I was just looking for clarification, in case the timings were what they were because I was missing some vital piece of info. Calendar editing tool would be excellent for sure.

Sadly I’ve already tried that, going up to zone 10 doesn’t change any timings and zone 8 just makes them earlier.

I think if its off we want it to be on the early side!

Sounds to me that you will have to add your own calendar actions or look for the indicators that precede an action and then take action. The other thing you could do is recognize how far the timings are off and remember what needs to be done. As a beginner I would recommend watching the lecture series several time so you can learn to remember what to look for, for each action.