Adjusting Recommended Seasonal Activities to local Climate

I am attempting to “calibrate” the recommendations for timing seasonal work on trees based on the differences between climates at Mirai (Oregon) and where I am located (Mississippi). Looking at historical weather averages it appears that there is ~3 mo shift in avg Low/High Temperatures. For instance In Oregon the Average early spring temperatures are ~36F-51F, where my local climate sees these temperatures in Mid Winter.

My question is how heavily should I adjust my own work based on temperature alone? I know there are many other factors that determine this such as daylight length and local adaptations but just looking for some rough guidance as I am starting fresh in this climate with brand new trees. Over time I know I will begin to learn nuances with the trees based off the physiological signs they give (when buds form, leaves drop etc…). I am also just starting to get connected with a local bonsai club but they are ~2.5hrs away from me with a slightly different climate.

Any insight is appreciated!

I live in a pretty different climate that Mirai as well and I am just down the coast from them in Southern California. I’m finding for me, I am about 1/4 to 1/2 a season temperature and weather wise ahead of Mirai when it comes to working on my natives. Going roughly off daylight hours is where I start to try and match work and timing. Then I gauge temperature where I am at to a similar temperature Mirai might experience when they would be performing their work.

So for example, I have a coastal oak that is already in its post flush hardened state of spring growth. I am a couple weeks ahead of probably trees at Mirai, so my work on these trees would be slightly earlier. Same with a black pine that is really close to needing its candles cut (like any day now). But at Mirai, they won’t think about that until first of June.

Biggest advice is, watch the videos and glean what technique is being done BECAUSE the tree was showing signs that it’s ready for that seasons work. Don’t go just based off a date on the calendar. Pay attention to the trees in nature too. They will give you an idea of when one of your bonsai of the same species will possibly be ready for work.

Hope that makes sense


Its tough and some guesswork is involved. One of the best things you can do is talk to experienced members of your local club and find out how far off the Mirai calendar they are on average, and factor that in. Watching the physical signs of the trees themselves is also great.

My take other than the above is to start early. We (south texas) very rarely freeze after March 01, but we do get very hot in the summer. So I’d rather start earlier and give trees time to adjust before June / July hits.


SolCalNative is right really focus on the visual cues, I try to observe my trees daily to plan and execute activities. It might be a challenge at first as the change is gradual this way.