Basic data sheet for tree species

Basic data sheet/page for tree species. When to repot, style, fertilize, placement. protection in winter. Soil composition and so on. I know other sites do this but much of the info can be misleading or out of date. I would rather get it from the horses mouth (Ryan and team). Sometimes you do not realize you are getting it from the other end until the horse farts. :poop: This does not mean you guys have to do all the work. Just need to come up with a template and much of it can be done by volunteers and then fact checked by Ryan and team. This can stop a lot of repeat questions. I would start with the most used species.


I’ve proposed something similar, like a kind of open source document for all topics. A giant, collaborative notebook if you will. We could technically start one ourselves, but I’m sure we’d have to separate from Mirai for liability reasons and such.

I think this is a fantastic idea, although not foolproof. Obviously, Ryan and everyone else would say that such a data sheet for a specific species is far from gospel, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Depending on zone, health, intent, etc… But, overall I think this could be very helpful for people to figure out the “best practices” or “best strategies” for certain species. A starting point, or generally understood reference. Maybe this could be created somehow on the Mirai site as sort of a wiki that everyone can add to, and maybe Ryan or other Mirai staff, since it’s on their site, can moderate and approve changes and additions.


Yes, a starting point to work from, not a gospel tell all. I like that.

You might be disappointed but don’t expect that from Ryan. You probably noticed that all Ryan’s teaching is about “why” we do work on our trees not “when”. Giving some kind of a schedule to people and they all stop thinking and start following the schedule. That’s in total opposition with Ryan’s teaching or philosophy.

I am sure you can, with all the lessons we have access to in the archives, create your own personal schedule (data sheet or template) of work based on your specific variables (local weather and climate, species,…). That is what I did. Knowing why we do stuff at one time is a lot better than when to do it.
My 2 cents

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I agree the why and how is a lot more fun, but we have to start somewhere.

There is a basic bonsai calendar which was developed by BSOP (Bonsai Society of Portland) with a lot of Ryan input. It is 3 pages of spreadsheet and is available on the BSOP website. True it is developed for the American pacific northwest but it is a starting point.

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Nice! Good to know. Thanks