Pest Identification

Hi All,
I just noticed some spots on the foliage of two of my trees. A JBP and a juniper. They are currently in my greenhouse following repotting.

The two trees were right next to each other.
On the juniper I noticed all these black or very dark green spots that are consistently located at the center tip of each scale on the foliage. The distribution and location of each spot is very consistent throughout the tree. This makes me think it could just be a characteristic of the foliage.

On the black pine the spots look much more like pests. Distribution is inconsistent with the highest concentration on the needles closest to the juniper.
There are not many of these spots on the JBP, however, on the juniper there is no foliage that does not have these spots.

Thank you so much for any help identifying what this is and what the treatment could be.


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The JBP definitely has pine needle scale.

The Juniper has the characteristics of scale. Because of the consistency their location it looks like resin discharge, but I have never seen dark spots with that before. Can you scrape them off and examine?

There are many treatments out there, use what works best for you.

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Does anyone have any recommended treatments?