Penjing #1 Design

If you can identify the plant species, I’ll confirm it…otherwise it’s under wraps!



I’d have to cook with it to be sure.

Rosemary was my guess also, but my scratch and sniff option isn’t working on my screen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


rosemary–or podocarpus under a shrink ray

Rosemary is too easy. I doubt anyone will guess. It’s not an uncommon plant, but it’s also one I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere except plant databases and it took me a month to ID it after seeing it for the first time.

If not rosemary, I would have to guess lavendar…

Is it a Tree Heather variety?

It’s not lavender, heather or anything you would find in a garden at home. It’s a native plant to the Pacific Northwest.

Time to start digging through Hansen’s Northwest Native Plant Database :slight_smile:

Just checked. It’s not on there.

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Is it a variety of Hebe?

Nope. Different family altogether.

As you probably realise I’m guessing…

Hmmm… Russian sage or thuja???

If it’s something you’ve heard of before, you are probably on the wrong track. I’ll give one more hint: it’s in the Asteraceae family, the same family as sunflowers and sagebrush.

You have me stumped. Going to follow this thread for the eventual reveal.

If it’s not sagebrush, is it wormwood?

My guess would have been sagebrush…
Most of the Asteraceae family are annuals, some perenials.
My wormwood and tarragon die back to the ground, dont set woody trunks… the leaves of the remaining are all too large?
:confounded:broke out my Flora of the Pacific NW doesn’t help…
Did you mean Compositae family, or imply Asteraea genera? (Im just phishing…):roll_eyes:

I meant Compositae family…identifying the genera would make it too easy :slight_smile:

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Did you give it away with Asteraceae family? My guess is Aster, possibly Aster ledophyllus

Cascade Aster