Rosemary bonsai

Hi everyone. I looked online for examples of rosemary bonsai and i can’t really find many examples. Do any of you own one? I only have one and i would appreciate any advice anyone may have. I just got this rosemary around January and i been studying its growth pattern after my first big trim to see how it responded. After watching it grow i felt like it looked like a pine, so i went with that and i tried styling it to look sort of like one. What do you guys think?


Fantastic base!

And when you work on it, we eat!


Yea the base was the reason i got it. I was surprised that it was only 30 bucks. I like the old look rosemary bark has… Make it look ancient.


I have 3 rosemary. They are in very free draining soil, and respond well to alot of pruning.

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I have one dug from the garden - the previous owners of the house planted it some years ago. It’s waiting the first styling work when I get chance. I’ll share a pic once done. It’s nothing special but a bit of fun :slight_smile:

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My parent’s neighbor has a rosemary that is really cool. Im going to talk to them and hope they sell it. What would be the best time to dig one out?

I dig mine in Spring. I live in a warm mild winter climate they do well for me

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Thanks. Ill try and dig it out in spring. I live on los Angeles and i see rosemary everywhere here. I hope the neighbor is willing to sell the one on his yard.haha

I live in Central California lots of Rosemary here also

Nice. I feel rosemary is an underrated material for bonsai. Many i see have great base and narly trucks. Ill post other rosemary once i get them.

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Here’s mine, I’ll wire it out when I get time, repot in Spring :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. Here is one i just got today at the nursery.! Im going to sit on this one for a while to figure how to style it.

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I’ve seen them air layer successfully on another smaller bonsai forum, incase anyone is interested

Hi, great material! Can anybody tell me about backbudding on old wood, how far can you cut back, do you have to leave some green needles when cutting?

Yes, leave some leaves, they bud in the axils.