Very old Rosemary

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Does anyone have experience with Rosemary? I could use some advise on how to proceed with my Rosemary. Here are some photos, it has been in the wooden box for 2 years.

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The soil mix looks heavy to me… need a well draining soil and lots of light or sunshine.

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Thanks. I’ll do that. I didn’t want to repot, and change the soil since i dug it out last Feb 2016 in fear of killing it. Now will be a good time.

Do I use pure akadama?


any fast draining substrate can work. Check out the images of soil and pot here.
He says transplant time is early spring, but the local conditions and after care are very important.
Akadama may work well, but it is not readily available in my area. If there is a local bonsai club or organization, ask around for what works locally.

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check out the post collection stream on creating root growth after collection… soil size is critical according to Ryan…
Good luck!

I love rosemary, I have one that is 5 years in training… I fertilize heavily from February through October. I cut back hard once a year in the Spring before it starts to push foliage and then let do as it sees fit. I use guy wire and mostly to position branches and the rest is cut an prune for direction and shape. Today I performed the annual “hard prune” back to 3-4 green buds and here is what I have. If you look in background I have a fire pit with all the foliage that was removed today.


I didn’t know that Rosemary will backbud, nor can they take heavy pruning.
I wasn’t fertilizing that heavy too.
I’ve got some work to do. Thanks to you all.


Here’s my attempt on my rosemary. It’s so leggy so i styled as a windswept. The branches and twigs are brittle. Had to use more wires.

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Rosemary love pumice, and should be left as long in the pot as possible. I’ve got backbudding, flowering and good health by not pruning all the tips at once and managing foliage similarly to juniper

Thank you. I’ll do that. I’ll repot this spring in pumice.

Be carful with hard pruning. Always leave green. I learned the hard way I cut back to bare wood and killed one of my in ground rosemary.

Thanks! I read that, pinching sprigs too.