Overlapping Hobbies/Artwork

Hey all!

I was just struggling with some insomnia and I realized I saw this beautiful tree last year, and I desperately wanted to share it, and then I realized that I MADE A DARN VIDEO OF IT!

One of my hobbies is building and flying FPV UAVs (aka drones), and last year I went out to the Columbia Gorge where the wind is fierce and steady, and on my way home, I found this beautiful tree in the middle of a field just as the sun set. Be warned, if you get motion sick, you may not want to watch. I was also flying in pretty heavy winds, so it may be a bit much for sensitive viewers.

I’d love to hear how your hobbies and artwork overlap with your bonsai practice.


I actually got started in bonsai when I created a couple of sculptures. Of course, then I learned all about what was wrong with my “trees.”
Of course, now that working with real bonsai, who has time for other hobbies?!

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Very very nice. You clearly have an artists eye! Probably two :slight_smile: