"Jews Love Trees" Instagram Series!

Hey folks!

Thought I’d share the first episode of my new series “Jews Love Trees” with you–it’s a comedic look at my journey in Bonsai as a newcomer in Los Angeles, and about the deeper connections we have with trees. Look forward to special guests, California tree explorations, and bonsai deep dives. I have to warn you that there is some swearing, but all in good fun, I assure you. You can find it here!

Perhaps more concerning: my prejudice against Stone Pine is on display.

Should have an episode or two a week, and you can follow @jewslovetrees or my personal account @tobinmitnick


Lol, I gave you a follow. Not enough of us novice bonsai practitioners putting out content into the wild. I’ve finally been brave enough to start with some.

Hey man, @BonsaiBalconyBrno here. You already know what’s up :smiley:

By the way, the Pinea is amazing in it’s natural habitat. Visit the Croatian coast sometime :slight_smile: It’s Blue (water) White/beige (limestone mountains) and almost neon green (the stone pine) that make this trio of awesome on their coastline.

@Bonsai_Bentley I hear you, I’m always a bit skeptic but that’s why I have a great teacher :slight_smile: So I just keep working at it.

What’s your handle?

I don’t post enough to be worth following, but I just followed you.

Ha! Oh, I’m sure Pinea is absolutely gorgeous in Croatia–consider this my official apology. I always find it goofy how we can be completely into one species one week and then completely on the other side of the spectrum the next. Stone Pine got the short stick this week.

I’ve been thinking for a while that Mirai live members need to start sharing their instagrams and YouTube’s and whatnot. I’m @nhanse on Instagram too

(Link in my bio here too)

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I don’t feel like my stuff is all that worth following but I’m trying to improve with every tree and shot :). I followed :slight_smile:

@nmhansen instagram is a pretty cool platform for Bonsai actually. You don’t really need any of the other fluff that other platforms have. Followed

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Hillarious. You’re a natural Tobin. I am instagram too.