++ Disease library ++

Hey Miraians,

i have the opportunity to make microscopic pics of visual diseases with a decent resolution and i thought we could start to build up a library with examples. Would be great if everybody adds his/her experiences and examples of their diseases.

I want to start with a very common problem:


I think nearly everyone here already met these little villains. They are not hard to control with the huge amount of different insectizides you can use against them but you should never ignore them and wait till they have a huge population.

I am curious to see your input and i am looking forward to see this library grow.

Bonsai on!


great idea, I will try to add to it when I encounter issues. Hope the Mirai team contribute (@Sam tagging you to bring it to your attention) - we urgently need to tackle in the streams and library in an organized and searchable manner pests and how to deal with them.

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Yep, we’ve got more content on the docket on pest & disease–will reiterate to Ryan that this is something that folks are asking for. Hope you’re all doing well!

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Hi Sam,

All good here. Except having Idan (our eextra energetic 5yr old) at home 24/7 and we’re going nuts. Luckily soon the spring will set in for good and we’ll be able to spend more time in the garden.

You guys take good care of yourselves, keeping bonsai mirai going is a true service to the mental health of all of us.