To the Mirai team with love

Here’s one for the Mirai team. Thank you for the hard work. Super Tuesday gift. The composition below is called The next generation. Grown from seed, in training for just over 3.5 years.


I was recently thinking about the similarities between raising a child and growing a bonsai. I have two kids of my own, and bonsai has really given me a lot of insight into how I mold and raise them.

We work, and invest so much time and effort into them, and ultimately, we work with what they give us. We worry and love them and try to get them to be their best.

And sometimes you get so frustrated with them, you genuinely consider an all out trunk chop! XD


Here’s the latest from Idan. He wanted to help me repot.


Thought this thread was as good as any to share this awesome screenshot of a young Peter Warren I stumbled across watching old bonsai documentaries… @Kendall you should pass this along to Warren, I bet he’ll just love seeing this! Hah!


This is amazing :laughing: #soposh

Thought you’d like that…I almost spat my coffee out when that clip came on! Haha

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@MrJesseStrong, can you post the link to the video in youtube?

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2 Likes Here’s another goodie! This video features Mr Kimura, a bit of his garden, and a much younger @ryan Check it out!


Shell necklace game is strong. Nice find.