Our best stories about the trees we have

Hello everybody! I just did my first ever repot, was so nervous when I started but I came prepared.Ive spent whole two months watching Ryan explaining everything about it. The preparation, tools, techniques to do it right. Ive even prepared the drainage screen day before, what can i way? Im impatient. I have one pretty abies koreana, potbound tho. So I just couldnt make my self to leave it like that to style it. Durning my great explorartion of the root system, it fell apart on me :(. Tried to save the situation but Then a though went through my head „what if I havent touched the flare yet”

and went deeper. Yikes, I hate gambling but it payed off. So after I actually found out that indeed the trunk was flaring below my tragedy I was so relieved. The thing im most worried about now is that I actually left to little roots and might have killed the tree. All and all lets share our interesting stories and pictures of our trees which we had terror with but alot of fun aloso.


@okjolook .
How did your abies fare last year?

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Sorry it died durning a heat spell, i was keeping it moist but looks like that repot and heat killed this little fella. His Health went downhill from the start of the summer and at the end he just died :cry: