I hope this survives 😩

I noticed that my dwarf Alberta has been declining in health, so I decided that I’d move it up on my potting schedule. When I dug into it u found that the type of soil it was in was just holding moisture. I knew it didn’t need much watering, but I didn’t know how bad it was. Any roots below a few inches from the soil line in the interior were pretty black and rotten. All the best roots were on the edges.

I underestimated the size I’d need for the pot too, but my next biggest size was way too big. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. I also need to clean up the poor job I did on the jin.


Any update on this repot? I’m considering repotting my Alberta Spruce experiment as well but I’m unsure if I should wait until next year since I did structure work this year.

The repot itself was successful. Sadly, those trees just don’t do well in my environment. The heat and humidity eventually killed it along with my other one that was still in its nursery can. :frowning_face: