Organic fertilizer

Ryan’s talks on organics and the cost and trouble of getting Biogold convinced me to try using composted chicken manure in a compost tea on some of my plants this summer. Started with a very small amount to my water and slowly worked up the amount I added tonthe water and had great luck and am going to try it on more plants next year. Has anyone else ever tried chicken manure or other organic fertilizers besides the fish stuff you can buy?

I just picked up some bio gold off amazon for 15 bucks. I’m not sure how long the bag will last me yet with 7 small bonsai trees to fertilize. If I have to buy a bag every month I might start to complain about the cost. It was definitely easy to procure though. Never tried chicken manure. I wouldn’t know where to procure that now that you mention it.

We have alot of backyard chicken coops in the chicago land area, people with just 5 chickens. A feed bag full of clean out would be all most people would need for a season.

My understanding is that chicken manure needs to be aged/composted before use due to high ammonia content that results in a fast, high nitrogen release to the plant - be careful.


Blood and bone meal fertilizer can be a good option. Most garden centers and even hardware stores carry it. I’ve been using soy protein recently, and it seems to work well, but that is just nitrogen, so I’ve been using it in combination with other supplements.

Ya, chicken manure… be careful. I thought I knew what I was doing, too…
2 yo composted chicken coop cleanout.
In fall, 1 shovel on a 20 yo 36" ponderosa, in the ground for 3 years.
Next summer, multitudes of new buds. Put out 20" of new growth…Sweet!
Next spring… dead as a sundried mackerel.
Go easy on the stuff…