Bio-Gold/Fert Cakes

Is Bio-Gold no longer available in the US? I can’t seem to find local retailers of it.
If so, what are you using for fertilizer tabs? Making your own? I was given a recipe of 2 parts cottonseed meal, 1 part bone or blood meal, 1 part fish emulsion. Then use the teabag method with the mix. Thoughts?

I’ve been using the Oralndo Bonsai recipe with fairly decent success. My only gripe is that they take a very long time to break down.

I’m going to be trying a half cake / half chemical this year. It’s a chemical fert at 10-10-10 that has iron in it, too.

I live in an area with very hard water. I tried the chemical by itself with some of my trees, and they responded very well to it, without going crazy. In fact, now that I’m typing this, I may end up making more of the cakes with the 10-10-10 stuff in them! :laughing:

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I have been using Dr. Earth Life for two years now and having great results. Before I was using Tree Tone and Holly Tone with good results but not as good as Dr. Earth. I’m going to start looking at making my own. I need something that doesn’t push such corse growth for my refined trees.


@Wiley So i used mostly chem last year and was setting up to use tree tone this year. Why do you Think Dr Earth is giving better results?

Here you go -


I got a bag of Superfly’s fert and am gonna give it a shot. Anyone have experience with it?

Never heard of Superfly’s. I’ve been making my own mix using a variety of components…cottonseed/blood/bone meal and usually some pre-made organic fertilizers (Dr Earth Life, Holly Tone, etc). I don’t make cakes but just put the dry mix into tea bags. Seems to work OK. I also supplement with chemical fertilizers especially for trees that need more development/growth. Some trees (especially tridents and ficus) will send roots right up into the tea bags.

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@Ed-NJ my results where mostly with trees in development. The Dr. Earth gave more growth, girth, foliage production, development of back buds and back budding. The Tree Tone worked very well but the Dr. Earth just out preformed by a bit more. I will say this though it’s not as great for getting super fine ramification. That is where I will be trying out my own formulation the next three years.

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What about Sumo Cakes? I have heard good things from them. Looks like they have started to expand into more than just fert. Personally I am still working on my 5 kg bag of Bio-Gold that I got at a convention.

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I was thinking about trying Sumo cakes, too. I think I will this season so I can post some results.

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If you are looking for sumo cakes, I will have some granular up on the site Saturday and will be starting the production of the Original blend of cakes for the year Saturday as well. I have a couple large orders to fill first though.

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Just to tell you people I found a Fertilizer Cake Mix on Ebay. And at a Great price so check it out… Safe and Simple Organics DIY Bonsai Fertilizer Cake #132520754938 and they have two Different size to order. Greg

Newbie question here. When choosing a fertiliser do you go for a well known and trusted brand which you use over the season or do you vary it depending on what you are trying to achieve at that particular time. Eg: some have a higher content of the main 3 components and are designed to push foliage, flowers, etc.

Yes; BioGold is available via - several sizes; I just purchased a bag.

I use Carl Pool 13-13-13 with micronutrients

May want to check on Ebay there a person that sell same product as in the Mr. Kimura books.

Hi from Spain Mirai community!!
First of all sorry for my English, I can understand well enough but to express myself is other thing… I try!
I use biogold in the watering process successfully. The proportion is 2-3 pills per liter of water. I put the pills in a panty and then the panty with a knot in the watering can. The effect of biogold using in this way is per one week. Biogold starts fermenting in the water and dropping the nutrients gradually so you can feed the tree everyday during one week in low doses. Using it in this way l keep a better percolation in the substrate and l feed all the roots, not only the points where I used to put the pills. I have good results using it in that way. I hope it helps someone.