What is an alternative to Biogold fertiliser in Australia?

I can’t spot Biogold fertiliser here in Australia. Do any Australian folks here know what is a good alternative? I mostly fertilise my trees with Seasal and Powerfeed liquid fertiliser and the results are fine but I wonder if something like Biogold will be better. Any thoughts are appreciated.

you can but it on ebay ,but expensive

Look up dinofert, Katek and neutrog. Search them and compare them to biogold’s npk analysis.

I contacted a good friend of mine that has had Bonsai for many many years. This was his reply. I use Seasol as my base and either use Maxi crop or Orchid Booster with it.

Hope that helps

Buy it online. Take the time to look through the various bonsai and garden supply websites. You’ll find it for sure. If you actually look, you’ll find it reasonably priced as well. It took me a while to build a library of online stores for the various products I use, but I’m set now that I did. In my humble opinion, specifically pertaining to bonsai, trying to find cheaper or more readily available alternatives to the ‘industry standards’ will usually produce sub par results. Take the time, check out every web store you can find, use the forums or blogs to identify suppliers not found using google. In my experience, with time, you’ll almost always find the product you set out to buy and with a little more time, you’ll usually stumble on a store with reasonable pricing. Good luck!

If you search online you can buy it 900g is $74 on ebay

You could try making your OWN organic fertilizer…
A little research (there are members and threads on this forum that do), substitute what you have locally. It should release the nutrients through bacterial action (compost) rapidly. Go online and read ingredient lists.Try it for a season and adjust.
Maybe go into business and recoup your costs…

To make your own Maruta Tamahi (brilliant for satsuki, and prunus):
4 measures of rapeseed meal
1 measure of bone meal
7.5 measures of water

If you’re feeling fancy, a variation for apple trees:
7 measures of rapeseed meal
1 measure of fish meal
1 measure of bone meal
14 measures of water

Basic version, good for tridents, junipers and zelkovas:
4 measures of rapeseed meal
6 measures of water

Mix well and ferment for 3 months. You can use carp bait rolling table to shape the pellets or simply roll sausages by hand and cut them with a knife. Dry them, and you can store them in a bag or a tin.

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