Biogold Dissolved in Water

A question was asked in yesterday’s Live QA about xan you dissolve Biogold in water and use it as a liquid fertilizer.

I emailed the Biogold company in Japan. Here is what they replied.

" Dear Bob McCarlie,

Thank you for the inquiry.
You can use it as liquid fertilizer.
Please, dissolve 2 to 3 of “Biogold Orijinal” in 1 liter of water.
It is even more effective if it is aged for about 7 days.
Please finish using the liquid fertilizer you made each time.

Thank you so much.

Tact Co.,Ltd.
Hiroko Togasaki
913-4 Uchigashima-Cho,
Ohta-City, Gunma Pref.,


Peter Warren showed us this some years back in the UK. It is on the packaging. It works well here as some feel that our lower humidity than Japan causes the pellets to break down at a slower pace.

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