Non smelling brand name of a liquid organic fertilizer

I am in search of a brand name of a liquid organic fertilizer THAT DOES NOT SMELL to use in early spring prior to the application of bio-gold. Each one I found on Amazon says, “awful smell”.
Thanks in advance!


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I’m looking for one as well

Organic… translated from latin to English means ‘smells awfull’… Its the nature of the beastie… bacterial and fungal rotted mater dispersed in liquid.
Try a low NPK inorganic fertilizer. Couple of tablespoons to a gallon of water… splash lightly from a watering can.
Liquid fertilizers are on the market shelves, for houseplants. Dilute as recommended.
Short term, the trees wont care!
I use inorganic regularly as a backup to organic. Especially when its regularly TOO hot and dry for the material to rot.
NOTE: properly used biogold reeks and draws flies, too… It is plant mater that has to be rotted for the NPK to be released, AND the other nutrients the tree requires to be happy in a bonsai soil environment…


Pick up a bottle of 'seaweed emulsion` for the micronutrients.
Your trees will love it…


Botanicare has multiple lines of liquid fertilizers with zero smell. I started using them for my indoor trees and now I use them for all my trees. They even have NPK components so you can mix and match custom blends. That being said, I just saw you specified organic. Any reason in particular it needs to be organic?

I only said organic because on multiple streams Ryan said that was what he was using in the spring because bio gold was too soon to use and the trees could use the nutrients when waking up


I just started Vermicomposting to create worm casting tea in order to do this along with using worm castings with my trees. I have been told as long as you use the tea within 24 hours it will not stink and that stinking worm tea means that it has gone anaerobic and therefore no good.

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