Alternative fertilizers- goat manure

I am the one that asked the rather odd question regarding use of goat manure last night.

I met Ryan this weekend at the ABS Conference in Houston this past weekend and we talked briefly about it (with him keeping one raised skeptical eyebrow- who is this nut?). As we run a goat dairy I have a constant supply. There is a reasonable amount of literature about this as these animals are raised routinely in other countries unlike in the US. About 20 years ago I moved from the most basic step -developing a habit of "fertilizing with something, routinely even if it was the “blue stuff”- to working out my own version of the traditional “fertilizer cakes” based on available materials and keeping the local wild life and dogs out of them (no fish emulsions)

While numbers vary it comes out about like this:

Goat Manure (Dried) 1.35 -1- 3

I will typically mix with Blood/bone meals and cottonseed/grain meal, to “bump up those rookie numbers” and then trace elements/Ironite, etc… reminiscent of the old “fertilizer cakes”. This has been supplemented by some probiotic concoctions the last few years courtesy of the Oregon growers (bokashi/Grokashi). Very excited to run across “Dr. Earth” products to simplify some of this in 2019.

After the first season of using this and a porous mix, I started to see roots growing upward into the piles of ferts. Very exciting. Additionally I hope the acidifying effect of the organics counteract some of the well issues I have but that is another post.

Handy reference for assessing organic components:

Would love to share thoughts.


It does come pre-pelleted!


The thing I am just starting to grasp is how important the micro ecosystem is in the pot, and how different fertiliser can help or hinder these.

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