Old Growth Eastern White Cedar in Canada

Came across this article about some old growth Eastern White Cedars near Toronto. In most of their natural environment, the Eastern White Cedar have all been harvested for lumber and the ones that are out there are replants from the forestry industry. But there are still some tucked away in escarpments that makes it nearly inaccessible (and undesirable because they are so small).

I wish there were more pictures in the article, but its a fun read nonetheless.


I just picked up a very small eastern white cedar. Have never seen one here(Pacific NW). Now I want to cascade it…
Did not have much luck trying to “civilize” western red cedar 20 years ago. They are a small 5 trunk forest at the foot of my garden…15’ tall… After the ceder Mirai broadcast, I might lift them and try again…!

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Read the book the photo is found in. “The Last Stand” by Peter E. Kelly and Douglas W. Larson - Natural Heritage Books. A remarkable popularly written book by two university professors.