Thuja or cedar or…

Anyone have enough familiarity with this foliage to positively identify it. I took two photos of the same tree and my plant finder app told me it was two different trees. I’m fairly sure it’s not grafted :grinning:

The trees commonly known as white cedar in North America is in fact a Thuja and not a true Cedar.In Japan the Cryptomeria is known as Cedar very confusing that’s why it’s best to use Latin names . Your tree is a Thuja but also incorrectly known as a Cedar.


Just to clarify my plant finder app tells me that the tree is both orientale arborvitae platycladus and from a different photo of the same tree incense cedar calocedrus. The former also known as thuja.

Depending on where you got the tree…
From here, Inland NW US, looks like my western red
ceader, Thuja plicata. Gave up on them years ago. Hard to FORCE the growth habit into behaving. Now they are a lovely 12 foot tall grouping in my garden…!