Is this normal for a Thuja occidentalis?

The foliage on all three of my thujas look like this. Is it normal winter coloring or should I be worried that something’s wrong with my trees?

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The foliage on my white cedars go almost a dark color in the winter. Not a yellow. I would hope someone with a better answer will come along soon enough.

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A lot of mine did that this year, so I’m hoping it’s normal. :slight_smile:

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I take that as a good sign. What’s surprising to me is that also new growth on the trunk and branches have this color. I don’t know if I should take that as a good or bad sign.
For now, I’ll just wait and try to monitor if the yellowing increases or decreases as the spring warmth wakes everything up.

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Does not look normal unless this is some type of bi-colored cultivar and the new growth is supposed to look like that. (I am assuming that is new growth). In WI our normal winter colour is reddish brown to reddish gold.


Only the tips are new foligae, the majority is last years foliage. When I looked at the underside the color is bright light green. Could it be some kind of sun burn?

Could be sunburn, yes.

@Micke , how did this thuja work out over the sumer?

It turned out to just be winter coloring. It disappeared when the temperatures picked up and growth started. The tree is in great shape, had good growth and got its first initial styling this fall.