What do you think of changes to this White Cedar?

I collected this tree around 2016. I’ve always enjoyed this one as one of my favorite trees, lately it was really resembling a bush so I started some work on it today. Thoughts? I’ve thrown in the before shot as well.


I think the density of the foliage compliments the heavy trunk. I normally have more of an eye for EWC with airy, open foliage/branching but I’m hard pressed to not love this. Awesome tree. :metal:

Any shots of the branching?

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Hi Ray! Yeah I think this tree is too dense right now. If I was going to show this tree at this stage I would really wire it out and thin the foliage. In the meantime I am thinking it needs to keep a healthy amount of foliage in between major stylings.

I agree that Thuja look better with more open foliage and flat pads. What do you think of the recent change? I removed quite a bit from the lower left of the tree to expose the trunk more.

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Definitely agree on building the mass between stages. This is how I treat mine. The one thing I did notice this year that I wasn’t quite anticipating is that with our current heatwave downstate, the newly thinned Thuja are taking it a little harder than those with more foliage.

I think the changes you’ve made are excellent. The reduction in foliage on the left side makes for a more natural looking tree imo. It’s not so much that there’s more trunk, just less visual weight to distract from the awesome jin out to the right. In other words, my eye moves up and to the right and back down, full circle. Pre-work my eye just shoots out left as I move up the tree.

Selling it? lol

That is good to hear thanks Ray, I tend to wait to work on trees until they start to really just feel and look wrong to me. You have a good eye for Cedars I like the ones you have posted.

This one will be staying with me… lol

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I appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to getting my hands on some older material in the future!

I hear you on the approach, and it’s amazing on quickly EWC can go from looking “right” to looking wrong.

Are you guys getting the heatwave up there?

The reduction on the left really helped imo. I think the tree would benefit by extending the lower right branch even further to really push the harmonious feel. Awesome pot and beautiful tree tho!

Thanks! Not a bad idea to extend the right side. I will likely try that. Also glad you like the pot, It looks too much like a wooden pot in my opinion.

Amazing tree Matt. I thought that the pot was a wood box! I would definitely look into changing it for a simple straight-profile oval with perhaps a deep earth but shiny color. I think the thinning helped to create more definition for the defining branch. I would definitely also as others mentioned thin the tree considerably, I also like EWC with the airy feel - but your tree also looks great full. Amazing. I wish I had a tree like this.

thanks @rafi Im excited to get detailed with this tree but for its health I will be waiting until next spring for that. I agree with your thoughts on the pot.

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