Eastern white cedar

Before and after. Thuja occidentalis (eastern white cedar). From nursery stock. Suggestions and critiques welcome. #canadianbonsai


And here is a video:


Think I see ‘after’ picture only and it says uploading on the bottom of it. If so, I can clearly see (I think I can) what you tried to create and I do like the silhouette and movement - you definitely have an eye for that!
I’m a bit lost in the structure and branches seem to be to long which makes those (btw beautifuly shaped and looking) trunks look very thin.
Nice material - huge potential :+1:

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Thanks for pointing out the uploading error. It is fixed now. Thank you also @CoffeeCherry for the comments. Hopefully in the future I will be able to create narrower pads closed to the trunk at this time all the foliage as you can see is really at the end of long thin branches… but hey, for 50$ can’t complain - and the result is nice too!

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Hi Rafi,
If you can pick a front where one trunk slightly occluded the other, it may help to unify the design, although it’s not always possible


Nice work @rafi. I gotta find a local nursery that provides me better material. I think that this has great potential. After recovery I would accentuate the negative space . Removing the downward foliage on the lower left branch., as well as more of the foliage between the two trunks…but that’s just me. I really like this two trunk composition. Fantastic find! :+1:

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Hell yeah man. The flowing pair of trunks is spot on. That movement is so smooth. Nicely done.

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Liking the work so far. I would be trying to get some negative space between the two trunks. Although you thicker trunk is the shorter I dont see that as a problem, make the fault the its defining asset. Are you going for the thuja droopy tips that Ryan goes for. Will be interesting to see how it resonds to the pruning.