Large Thuja Occidentalis Initial Styling

Hello Mirai Community,

Here is a before and after first styling of my big ~50” thuja. It was collected by Black Dodge Bonsai. I purposely left a lot of branches that will be deadwood in the future so they can set into the desired positions. This tree currently has 3 main apecies and ~6 reiterations. I am not interested in making this into a traditional “young pine” form so please save those comments or add them if you cannot resist. I had a ton of enjoyment wiring this tree and trying to highlight the essence of the species while also attempting to be wild enough to fit right back in the bog from where it was dug. Anyways I digress, curious to see what everyone thinks and to discuss the species!


I absolutely love that you kept the tree wild, not pruning or trying to force down those upward branches really gives the tree its character. Great job, you have a really good vision for this tree.


I think you absolutely nail it. Love the true to form shape you’ve given it. It really reminds me of the incense cedars we have here in the Sierra nevadas. Look forward to seeing this piece progress with some further branch removal.


I love the look of this tree. The shape and the face that it has a real aged look to it. I am trying to wrap my mind around how you were able to pull this off.

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Great looking tree. Alway think that you can still achieve a “wild/yamadori” look while till creating elegance and focusing on the “nature in miniature” concept. Always hard to understand a tree’s 3 dimensionality from pictures but if it was my tree I would consider something like this-


Wow thanks for reposting that. Interesting concept forsure. Ryan suggested this as one option on the forum q and a. He also suggested elongating to the left. It will be a fun tree to continue to develop te.