Twin trunk styling?

Hi folks,

Has Ryan ever done any video content on twin trunk styling?

If not, can you point me toward some ‘best practices’-type content? I’ve got a red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) that clearly WANTS to be twin trunk, but I’m not sure about the structural stuff for the smaller trunk.



A picture would help a lot!


Good thought! Here’s what I’m working with. Forgive the lack of top dressing; I ran out of ink (more arriving tonight).

(Background info: I repotted back into its nursery container yesterday. It was pretty root bound and badly angled. I corrected the angle, pruned the roots little, uncovered that nice thick connecting root, and repotted into equal parts pumice/lava/DE.)

Bump for twin trunk thoughts or love!

That one looks to me like a candidate for severing the two. That horizontal piece joining the two is and will be an eyesore. A good twin-trunk should meet at the nebari. That one looks like there’s probably more happening under the soil.

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I think you’re right. The more I stare at it, the more I don’t love what I’ve done. Thanks!

Before you cut it maybe consider a semi-cascade where the main trunk could angle off to the left and the secondary trunk could cascade down the side of a rock formation.
Looks to have great potential with the right rock foundation. Start scouting rocks.