Juniper 5 trunks idea

Anyone has ideas on how to deal with this present I got? I can’t find the inspiration

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How about a formal upright clump with the outer trees spread a bit from the larger center tree? The trunks are very linear, but I have seen clumps like that. The center trunk is the biggest so it would be the tallest and I am thinking the other side might be better since it looks like it moves that way a bit. The current leftmost trunk comes towards the current front (new back). The two trunks on the current right are already leaning out a bit and shorten them more than the one on the far left. That will give you movement from the current left to right. Here is a crude sketch although the trunks will not be this thick for years.



I like the formal upright clump.
Perhaps as it developes over the years the larger central tree could become deadwood?

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An update here, I just reported and already planning on what to do about the design