Old Gold Pfitzer Juniper

I would loved to hear any ideas how to style this beat up nursery Juniper…im stumped.
Practically nothing has been done yet.

Thank you very much for any help!

I would try a stacking/layering of the foliage of each trunk on the other and give trunks an interesting unified flow. Sent message.

That is a great idea, thank you.
Im going to develop it a few years before i repot and let it build up some healthy foliage

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how about focusing on the 2 central trunks. cover the others with a towel and see if you can find the bonsai within the tree.
Tilt the pot towards the direction if these trunks a bit (or not at all).
could work as a semi-cascade tree.
Paint the picture: picture a tree sticking out from the side of a cliff, half way down and style the tree as if it was trying to grow towards the sun with seasonality and sun locations involved. cliff would be facing north east.

The first order of business would be repot. Ryan says you have a window of a few weeks after the foliage starts changing from winter color to spring green, then let it grow. Pick out one of the trunks, preferably the one with the best branch structure. Then tilt the pot to give the best movement in the trunk, the trunk can also be bent to give it the movement you desire. Any unwanted branches create deadwood. Of course this will take time/seasons