Monday at Mirai

In case you aren’t subscribed to Mirai’s YouTube channel, they started a new series. Fun behind the scenes look at things at Mirai.


Fun fact: If you have captions turned on in YouTube, Bonsai Mirai is captioned as “bone samurai.” That’s pretty metal if you ask me.


This is a KILLER band name for the imaginary metal bonsai tree band I have been writing lyrics for . No, that is not a typo. I started as a joke after a few fingers of whiskey on a Tuesday night stream and now I have a few songs written out. A snippit from the title track “Little Trees”

Tiny trees! Tiny trees!
We cram them into pots.
If you overwater, then their roots will start to ROT!!

Grow them out!
Cut them down!
Bind them with the wire!
No! It is not, normal it must first be burned with FIREahhhhh!!!


Which stream is this gif from? I don’t recognize the tree.

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The raffia stream: