Mistletoe on Trident

Hey all,
I was if anyone had had experience with Mistletoe on their bonsai. I have a large twin trunk trident that was given to me yesterday with mistletoe on one of the trunks. I’ll be asking Ryan on forum Q&A but wanted to see if anyone in the community had any experience with it. Both my local pros are stumped. The only advice was to cut off one of the trunks. You can see the affected area below.


Is it regrowing if you cut the missletoe off? As a kid we used a shot gun to remove it from trees . Don’t do that here lol. Any way interested to see the results.

Yes it seems to be. Previous owner has been trying to eliminate it for over a year

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Ryan has mentioned he has a few trees that have mistletoe and he has managed to keep it from growing. He believes the lack of strength in the Bonsai container actually helps preventing it from growing. I don’t recall what stream or what else he does but it’s possible.


Mountain Hemlock Creation: Part 1

keep the tree from flowering, keep the tree from being too vigorous. Ryan talks about it at the 37 minute mark on this mountain hemlock

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