Where is my dream tree?

Not sure if this is the proper part of the forum, but I am in search of a resource probably in the Southwest United States that sells or can get a species known as tamarix. Also known as salt cedar ? If anyone could post a little information for me I would greatly appreciate it !

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We have them growing all over the place here in Israel and wondered whether they would make a good bonsai. Do you think you could take cuttings or air-layer them?

I’ve seen a couple examples they made a beautiful bonsai aged bark resembling Deadwood features light feathery foliage that weeps and it flowers. I’m in the southeastern United States and trying hard to get some subjects to grow, but there doesn’t seem to be much availability I’m hoping someone in the Southwest of the United States can help me. They’re drought tolerant and grow fast so if I was you I would be out collecting
soon ! Bonsai on friend !!!

Ryan did style one on Halloween a few years ago. https://live.bonsaimirai.com/library/video/weeping-style
You can cut a branch and stick it in a bucket of water to propagate, very similar to the willow tree.
Ryan had said in the the video that he had done that with the specimen he was styling and it was quite large.

Yes indeed, and I would love it if someone knew of a nursery that ships from the southwest that has them for sale…