Salt cedar bonsai

Continuing the discussion from How would you bonsai a salt cedar, i have 2 dug up and re potted lastnightvery little roots on them put liquid gel root hormone. On it:


Is salt cedar the same as tamerisk, i read up on them ,invasive species. A single plant can consume 300 gallon of water a day, the leaves all are dropping , there nice and stable not moveing.ive got expanded shale and sifted pine bark mulch, pumice, warrior mix blend. They were pulled out of pure wet clay.

Do i need to take off any top growth off since theres not enough roots

Seems like nobody has seen the stream on the weeping style. Ryan chainsawed a large branch of tamarisk and stuck it in a bucket of water. There is no need to worry about overwatering these. After roots emerge you can move them to soil. Since you have potted them already I would keep them on the wet side.

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Thank you for your help.

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If the needles on the salt cedar are welted do i need to cut them off the color also changed from green to greenish gray . I have them siting on stones in a hydroponic chamber with an air stone ,how do i handle these plants