Mint Julep Juniper Progression

I worked on wiring and styling a ‘Mint Julep’ Juniper I got in 2018 for $14. I have included 3 pictures… It’s initial state (with just a touch of cleanup), after it’s first wiring and styling, and today’s result. What do you think?


It keeps getting better. I am not a fan of the large branch that you curved down from the apex. An alternative would be to cut that off and bring the two lower branches up a bit instead of having them drop down so severely. if you did that, you might jin a shorter version of the curved down branch.

I agree about bringing up one of lower left branches but would consider whether it could form a new apex having removed or layered the top.

the idea would be to introduce more taper. Get plenty of input before cutting anything off to make sure you are happy. :sweat_smile::grinning:. I have a mint julep too. Mine is fairly slow growing so check yours before expecting it to recover any mistakes quickly.

@MartyWeiser I have considered cutting that downward curving branch ever since I started this tree, but for some reason I keep it. But your suggestion of jinning a part of it is interesting. Thanks!

@Burslf Interesting suggestion… never considered what you suggested. I could jin part of the trunk above the left branch… definitely worth thinking about! Thanks!

@Burslf . So what did you decide?

@KurtP it wasn’t my decision. @Bob_McCarlie

Ooops. Reread the whole thread, didn’t go back to top to direct. .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
. @Bob_McCarlie … , please!:hugs:

@KurtP I haven’t done anything with the tree yet.

I’m terrible at making decisions to cut branches. Once I make the first cut I’m able to make other cuts and decisions, but that first cut… lol I was looking at the tree today. When the time comes to do pruning, I’ll have a glass of good scotch first… that should allow me make the decision and cut more easily! :stuck_out_tongue: