Loot Drop: My First Ceramics!

Most of my trees are in pond baskets or training pots right now. None of them are really ready for a final home, but eagerness got the better of me and I went on a shopping spree for quality handmade pots. I hope that they’ll be occupied within a season or two.

Top Row: Sahici Atolye, Kilnery Bonsai, Sahici Atolye
Middle Row: Aaron Kupferman, Sam Miller, Crump & Clay
Bottom: Kilnery Bonsai

You might recognize one from Mirai :evergreen_tree:

I’ll come back to the thread when/if I pair these with trees or pickup more pots!


I just did the exact same thing. I’ve got a bunch of air pruning trees in development, but couldn’t resist picking out some pots now in anticipation of what they’re going to look like one day. No one tells you in the beginning that bonsai is just a cover for a ceramics habit! Great looking pots btw.


Collecting books and pots are the hobbies within the hobby. :grin: