Looking for a high-quality pomegranate in development

If I wanted to buy a high-quality pomegranate in early development – something in the low-hundreds in terms of age/quality – where would I go in the US? Specific nurseries/people/growers?

I’m looking specifically for something that is already/could be taken in the direction of a cascade or deep semi-cascade.

Thanks for your thoughts!

if you re looking a thick trunk, flair, and semi formation of the Structural branches you ll pay 400/600 bucks i think and without the ceramic.
semi cascade/cascade pomegranate looks really hard to find cause is not the regular form of this type of decidious tree.
Is more like a conifer tree.


That’s in the broad neighborhood of what I was expecting – thanks much!

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those tree can be expensive and hard to find because they thicken there trunk slowly.
i ve got one in the ground for fruiting only. he is 7 years old and the base is closed to 5 centimeters diameter. (don t know in inch sorry).
i m trying an air layer to a 3, 4 years branch to win time in my time line project.

How thick was it when you put it in the ground? I may try my hand at pomegranates again, now that I’m in an area with slightly less cold winters.

5cm = 2"

hy michael, my pomegranate was a pencil since.

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