Can you defoliate a pomegranate?

Any information on whether a vigorous pomegranate can be defoliated or partially defoliated in June?
My pomegranate has been growing like crazy. I had to pinch a lot to reduce the vigour. I don’t have a picture before leafing out, but before the buds started going, the tree was just a stump, without any branches.

Hi bandi,
Looks like you have a lot of good growth and a healthy tree. Good trunk and a good start. Congratulations! There has been a lot of talk about partial defoliation this year, but remember this is more of a refinement technique, to reduce leaf size and internode length
While it is growing well why not pick 4 or 5 branches, wire these branches, and begin to set your primary structure? These branches will probably set within 2 months and you can take off the wire without any scars. Let these structural branches grow to develop diameter until winter. After leaves fall off you could do another wiring to refine your structure.
Rome was not built in a day, as they say. Let us know what you have done.


Thanks Michael, that all makes sense. I just realised that in the post I did not mention my goal for this year. Honestly I wasn’t planning to touch the tree at all this year until leaf drop - including wiring. I plan on developing the tree for at least 2 years to achieve girth and taper in the branches. I only pinched where I don’t need it. First wiring was planned for end of winter/start of spring.

The vigour however triggered this question in my mind, because I was thinking of how to refine in the future, and I realised I have no idea if it’s ok with a pomegranate to defoliate :sweat_smile:

Seeing the vigour I assume that partial defoliation is a YES and probably full defoliation is a yes as well, but was hoping for a confirmation.

Partial defoliation causes less stress and when done correctly produces the same results ie better ramification. That’s the route I always go

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I partially defoliated mine. Being a smaller leafed plant you don’t have to do the leaf fold and cut technique. Instead; addressing structural flaws and trimming to silhouette is typically enough to reduce the foliage and promote ramification. Mine responded well to the operation and has pushed new growth and flowers.

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