Lime Sulfer solution

I was wondering where the best place is to purchase lime sulfur. Is it a powder or a liquid? Is the pet lime Sulfer the same as the horticultural? I’m wanting to make a solution to spray on dormant trees to help with insect and fungus control while the trees are in development. As they age I would use it to create the pale trunk and primary branches. Thanks for any advice or help with this.

They appear to be the same, although concentrations may vary and some horticultural products contain a bit of oil to help them stick to the plant. However, horticultural lime-sulfur has been removed or restricted from some markets since it can cause eye and respiratory damage when the proper personal protective equipment is not worn. In addition, it is not legal in most jurisdictions to use a fungicide/pesticide in a way that is not listed on the label - i.e. using the readily available pet product on a plant. Please don’t shoot the messenger for the last two sentences since I am only reporting my understanding of the laws.

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