Let's see your wire caddys/boxes/holders!

My workbench often becomes a royal mess of wire laying all around, and my rolls of wire often become all tangled from being stored all together in a bag or otherwise bunched up.

I’m curious to see your (DIY) solutions to this issue!

I’ve had a look at the very nicely built caddy by Marty Weiser, mirroring what Ryan uses in his live-streams, but my workplace does not really allow for a solution of that size, however nice it is.

I’m considering having a go at building something like ‘this roller-box’ but I am curious to see your solutions and hear some pros and cons of what ever you’ve got experience with.

That roller box is cool. A bit too elaborate for my skills. I’m gonna build one out of 2x4’s, pvc and a hole cutter. Build a basic frame with a vertical piece of wood that has pvc in it mounted horizontally. Easy peasy. For now I have a box I lug around lol.