Wire Caddy Stand

I got inspired by the Mirai wire stand and decided to build my version this past weekend. I wanted to have both copper and aluminum wire handy so I built it with two levels. It went through 3 or 4 design iterations before I arrived at the one I built. I will probably trim a bit of the plastic off the base of the hooks and screw them in a bit since they are a bit long. The 2x2 frame under each table is from the playset I built for my sons in Albuquerque 25 years ago and moved to Liberty Lake where they quickly outgrew it. The top level is just right for working on a smaller tree while standing or sharing a drink with someone while looking at the trees.


If you are like me that bottom table will be completely cluttered with tools and supplies, and beer cans, and sunflower seeds…

Really well done. That’s is a great addition. The wheels are a nice touch. Do they function as a turntable? Can you lock them to keep the plant from dancing?


I used non-locking wheels since I primarily plan to use it as a wire caddy and tool holder. That way I can rotate the entire stand to get to the wire I need. Most of the time, the tree goes on a much less attractive stand to side while I sit in a chair. Big driver was to get the wire and tools off of the table on the deck so we can actually us it for meals.


Alright Marty, if you insist, I’ll come over for a beer and look at your trees! :wink:


Nice stand. Very well done.

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Sounds like a plan Tim. You grab the beer. I’ll pick up a nice piece of salmon to grill and we can test that table on the deck too.
Good looking stand. Nicely done Marty.


Thanks for sharing, great idea. Will use similar idea. Nice 1 :grin:

Nice! How about putting some hanging pouches to hold tools. The top can get really cluttered

Interesting point about the tools, but I find that I typically use about 4-6 different tools at any time on a tree - most often less. I keep most of the tools to the side and just grab the ones I need currently. Then put them away until the next session.

Currently, my tools are loose in a couple of plastic trays with handles. I have had a tool box with vertical slots for each tool in the planning stages for a few years. One of these weekends it will become the project and I will post the results. Most likely in the winter when it is hard to work ion trees.

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Great looking stand. Might borrow some of your ideas, I have an old hydraulic ram from a office chair I might integrate.

That looks great. Good job