My parking lot find is coming along

I feel like I’m kinda getting better at this whole design thing. As a software developer I’ve convinced myself that I’m too left-brained to be any good at design. That’s probably true lol, but I feel like I’m getting better.

Short backstory on this one; I went to Lowe’s one day and saw this tree in the parking lot left for dead. I didn’t think anything of it and went in to the garden section to do some shopping. My wife went to Lowe’s after I did on her way home, saw the tree and brought it home for me lol. She’s a fine lady. :slight_smile:

A couple months later and the tree is showing signs of recovery. It’s a Carolina Sapphire. At first the weeping nature of the foliage threw me off, but it’s just because it was too weak to hold up the branches. The new apex was decidedly vertical. Anyway, bent it as much as I could. I’ll jin the old apex. I can’t clean up the bottoms of the pads just yet as it is still recovering.

Overall, I’m happy with the initial structure I’ve set. I don’t think I even need to dig for the nebari. Just have to get it out of this pot next year. To say it’s root-bound is an understatement lol. The lower pads are a bit horizontal across the entire tree. I’ll address that as the tree grows out and I’m able to compress and/or elongate.

A lot of new growth

Work started

Structure set


After some feedback on Reddit I decided to restyle the tree in a more literati style. This is my first go with guy wire and I think it went well. Unfortunately the extra bend made the wire pull away from the trunk of the tree which tells me that I didn’t have contact on the inside of the bend like I should have.

Even though the redesign seems like a small move and maybe huge difference. I love the tree now. My plan is to let the bottom right continue to grow out and maybe eventually jin that. Then I’m going to let the left most edge grow out further so I can get some more dead wood after I jin that. Then I’ll have the tuft of foliage on the top as the apex.

Still can’t fully style the tree since I need to foliage, but the structure set. Hopefully it should be good to go for the next year or so.

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Good starting. If reasonably handy to do see if bend(s) could be added to lower bare trunk?

It’s very stiff. :confused: I can do it, but it’s gonna take some removal of the trunk.