Buying Wire: Good deal?

I’m looking to buy all the wire shown in the picture attached. In your opinion, is $150+shipping (20-20$) a good deal? (Tool included)

Or walk away?

If the big spools are 1kg then it is a very good deal. If they are 500 g then it is probably a good deal. If they are 250 g then it is not a good deal. The 1 kg spools of anodized aluminum wire typically retail for about $50 and the small 150g spools for $10.

Looks like the big spools are 1kg and 500g

Check the total weight and compare with other providers in your area. I can get 500g for approximately £9-£12 in the uk. Typically the more you order the better the price and shipping is weight based so ordering specific quantities can make a difference depending on where the price changes eg <2kg >2kg makes a difference when ordering 3 vs 4 rolls of 500g.