Late summer hoolidays

Hi guys, rcently I had couple days off before my three weeks of marathon at work. Couple months ago I just went to a local nursery and got a hinoki and a juniper (problem is I still dont know the exact species). They got cleaned and Front chosen. Then after couple of library content videos and most recent juniper rock planting, ive Kinga got jealous. So from just looking at the trees i though ill just try to style them. My wire is not the greatest but i did my best and wanted to share my pictures of a finished product.
Please tell me what u think.
image image image


I like the “hunched, old man” look that the juniper’s trunk and branches have.

On that last picture, it took me a second look to realize that there’s a ball by your foot, and that your toe is NOT sticking out of your sock.


Well Thats my dogs ball, she loves them So much that she has to have at least three of them in a line of sight :grin:

Dog ? ; the ‘Companion Cat’ got INTO the photo shoot…

more animals around you more love around you :slightly_smiling_face:


Except voles… and sqirrels… and maybe chickens…:roll_eyes:

Oh don’t be So pharmacist about it, I said it in a pleasant manner :slightly_smiling_face: