Kingsville discoloration

I picked up this beautiful kingsville early spring. One side was lush dark green opposite side was pale yellowish/green. It appears to be in overall good health, and is starting to push. I saw the live episode on Kingsvilles/their color change. I did provide some light application of epsom salt (Mg) several weeks ago, no major changes. Should I be concerned any input is welcomed.


Looks like a healthy tree. Make sure you are watering is on point. I think that’s one of the hardest tricks when getting a new species into the garden. Especially if it is a substrate that is different than what you use.

Not an expert, but with my boxwood, since it is an evergreen; I think it gradually losses older leaves. If it is growing healthy should be fine. I had the same problem and used Epson salt, it took a couple of weeks to see a greener color, but I would still have a few leaves here and there get discolored.

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Your tree looks fine to me. Now is the time for boxwood to drop older for the new growth it looks a bit pale, maybe some nutrient deficiencie.
I fixed that issue with Calmag last year.


agreed, I tested my water is about 7ph, I will try some citric acid to make it a little more acidic and see what that does, thanks for your input.